Is Link Building dead in 2013 or it still has a future?

Following are the queries on link building that are grossing universal attention post penguin:

   →  Is Link Building dead in 2013-14?

   →  Which are the effective Post penguin link building tips?

To unfold the truth behind them we have studied links in the light of latest algo updates and got these answers:

Link building is here to stay as long as your web presence, hence it would be wrong to say that link building is dead. It is not dead but the random ways of spreading links all over the web has certainly expired post penguin. Google has become more watchful towards the quality and relevance of content that you surround your links with. So instead of ‘just liking’, you need to do ‘intelligent linking’.

Nothing has changed except the value of links

Links are the pillars that can support your web presence most splendidly, if you know how Google reacts towards them. Link development has great future, if you aim to expand your online business visibility through it. Just make them count by adding value to your links.

How to add value to your links?

   →  Don’t indulge in link farming, develop link connection by linking to worthy spots on web.

→  Instead of randomly posting links to directories, look for the niche directories and business listings.

→  Differentiate your links. Check out which links bring most visitors, which keep the visitors engaged and which add to your bounce rate and re-plan things accordingly.

→  Make your website popular and trusted enough to get more inbound links.

→  Indulge in reciprocate linking to seem valuable and earn more points by Google algorithm.

With frequent Algorithm changes Link building has become more important

Initially, it worked, if you placed your links on the directories which saw no visitors ever but now the scenario has changed completely. You cannot think of getting good traffic until you own links that matter and when I use the word ‘matter’, it points towards the links that are welcomed due to their domain credibility.

FATbit experts recommend following link building strategies to follow in 2013:

   1.  Links from Guest Blogging – Inviting guest bloggers with trustworthy background will help you get more valuable links that will in turn bring more leads & traffic. In the same way if you publish your content on highly readable platforms, Google will consider it more than anything else.

   2.  Add outbound links – The value of outbound links has grown majorly after recent Google updates. Search engines too,consider them of highest value, if the links belong to worthy domains.

   3.  Utilize Internal linking – Connect your pages internally so that crawlers easily find your website and show it on significant spots in search engines. Effective internal linking also helps in decreasing the bounce rate.

   4.  Social Media Linking networks – Social media networks are visitors’ platforms, as they see huge participation. Google favors visitor engagement and treats well the links belonging to authoritative domains. Hence, sharing through pinterest, YouTube, twitter or Facebook will give more value to your link building process.

Link building is still a powerful web marketing tactic, for those who can build appropriate connections through links. FATbit professionals view link building as the most rewarding opportunity and make it profitable by matching Google guidelines.

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