SEO Conspiracy Theories and Myths

Conspiracy theories and myths exist in every realm of life. Thus, there is no chance the field of search engines will be devoid of them. Though dynamics of SEO has changed in the last decade, some notions have survived that keep on confusing beginners in the field of SEO. This work will address some of those myths and help in getting a better understanding of search engines. So, here they are;

Paid search influences organic search

This is certainly the Santa Claus of SEO myths. There is a popular perception that those who pay to get on top of search engines also get a boost in their organic searches. The fact is nothing but a jumble of words passed on and on till it was started being taken seriously. There is no certain evidence to prove the fact. Giants like Bing and Google make sure that both processes work differently and looking at their technical prowess, it doesn’t seem a high cliff to climb.

Keyword density matters

The keyword density is a very old concept and still lurks around to confuse SEO novices. Deriving its power from certain mathematical formula based on number of words on a web page and repetition of a keyword, the myth has lived a long life. Rather than following the practice, a Professional SEO Company would suggest using keywords in a logical way without compromising on quality of content.

Meta tags are still important

Meta tags were important once, very important indeed but that time has long passed. Search engines have become smarter now and they have better benchmarks for ranking than Meta tags. That said, title tag and Meta description tags are still taken very seriously by search engines. In the same way, Meta robots tag is also important. The point here is that no one thing is the game changer in search engines and even if there is one, Meta tags are definitely not the one, states SEO company India.

Rankings could be improved overnight

There is a popular perception that rankings of a website could be improved overnight if ‘right’ SEO firm be selected. While there is no clear idea on which is the ‘right’ one, some businesses jump to the conclusion that the ones with high SEO price tags have to be the ones.

The myth is plain silly considering the point that search engines takes umpteen number of factors into consideration while ranking. The myth could further be ridiculed by stating that bots don’t crawl the same web pages every day. The fact is that even an affordable SEO company can achieve great SEO results for you but only in justified time limit.

Even if you achieved very good rank, no one can guarantee that the place for a long time. A website has to prove its credibility to bots from time to time to maintain a place. Hence, it’s better to join hands with a firm that offers affordable SEO plans so that you can avail services for a long time.

FATbit Technologies is a revered name in the web services market. Along with providing SEO packages that fit in the budget of even small businesses, it also offers designing, development and reputation packages.

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3 comments on “SEO Conspiracy Theories and Myths
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  2. Mach1 Corporation says:

    Useful information, thanks for sharing..

  3. Francis says:

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    The amazing thing about certain blog programs is that they can filter
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