Future of SEO – Is SEO no longer going to benefit businesses

Future of SEO – The question in their mind would surely be; where now? Where are we heading? Is SEO no longer going to benefit businesses?

Google has taken fondness for Latent Semantic Indexing, algorithm updates are coming at lightning speed and those not paying heed to webmaster guidelines are being punished. In short, SEO is standing on crossroads and accompanying it are the thousands of companies that build businesses by keeping it as cornerstone. The question in their mind would surely be; where now? Where are we heading? Is SEO no longer going to benefit businesses?

Well, it is heading somewhere and that also someplace unfamiliar but if you wish to know where it could possibly go, just keep on reading.

Keywords Will Lose Their Kingdom

Keywords ruled the search engines for a long-long time and now it is time for change. In fact, change is already there to see. Over dependence on Meta keywords to find content has already diminished. Google can already decipher queries in different ways and give exact answers on top of the page (type any word, ask for meaning and you would know), making the practice of following links redundant. It can also interpret synonyms and render results.

For those who are new to the field and wish to delve into SEO to have better understanding, readNearly Everything about SEO.

Page Titles May Not Be the Kingmakers  

In soon to be good old days, title tags, page titles and headings if used efficiently reaped great benefits. Search engines, just like keywords, depended on them heavily but changes have been coming that might turn the tables. Today, even a loosely framed query could return appropriate links if the query in question is distinguished enough. Creativity in page titles was usually told to take a back seat but this is also changing because search engines are give great deal of attention to the quality of attention grabbing without being entirely meaningless.

Down with URL Bullies

At present, main keyword in the URL or domain name guarantees success. However, the sad part is that good domain names imaginable are already taken and kept at a side by URL shoppers. This could be pretty irritating if a person gives the best in a website but only because of the URL, third or fourth best shows in the very first spot. It is probably the most obvious thing to do away with if search engines wish to furnish the best in the first spot. In another five years, this might come true and trust me, chances are pretty bright.

The verdict would surely be that major changes, the ones that will simplify search, are headway. But this doesn’t mean SEO will diminish in importance. SEO will stay if just like search engines and searches, it will also change.

However, so big a change will of course take its time to take the central stage. Till then, anything can happen, and with seasoned SEO companies also adapting at startling pace, saying something with complete certain is quite difficult. So, those who wish to hire a SEO firm in near future to take advantage of the possibilities it could create, read..Things To Remember When Looking For SEO Company OR Questions You Need To Ask Your Future SEO Specialist?

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3 comments on “Future of SEO – Is SEO no longer going to benefit businesses
  1. Pramod Kumar says:

    I don’think so……
    Today still SEI is pplaying a big role…Yes I agrees that SEO have been changes in terms of its approach…..Now there is no traditional approach…..Now SEO is comprises of Content Optimization and Social Optimization with relevant Backlinks….

  2. Jithin Chandrababu says:

    The question is will there be a search engine after 3-5 years !!!!

  3. John says:

    Keywords, hummingbirds.. No matter what they throw at you it still comes back to a good content,
    Eons ago the owners of google said the web was one large story and each site is part of the evolving story. Make yours the best it can be, and don’t try black hat stuff. If your site tells a story, is your content and it engages the viewers and visitors you will be fine,
    Actual work boys and ladies…. actual work.

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