Questions You Need To Ask Your Future SEO Specialist?

You want your website to be more than just another website; you want it to bring traffic, generate revenue, inform and engage curious minds. For all this to happen, your website needs to show up in the initial pages when a search is run. This could be accomplished by getting assistance from a SEO specialist. Now this may seem as a simple task as there are thousands on the web dying to get hired but, trust me, it is not. You need to be sure that you have the right one with the right skill, knowledge and experience. And to ascertain this, you need to ask questions…a lot of them!

Yes. Questions if answered convincingly could lead to your future SEO partner.

What? Doesn’t have an idea what to ask?

Well, this is where we come in. Read ahead!

Do You Have Any Success Stories to Share?

Be it SEO experts India, US or Vietnam, they will have success stories to share if they have been there long enough. A seasoned SEO professional while handling projects comes across different set of issues and is more than willingly to justify their expertise if has been successful in handling them. Ask your shortlisted SEO firms whether they have such stories to share. If they narrate enough to make you request STOP, then move ahead with next questions. And if the one in front or on phone is just babbling, making no sense at all, then probably it’s time to move ahead.

Do You Pay Heed to Google Webmaster Guidelines?

Google is the crowned king of search engines and there is no denying the fact. So, you need to be certain whether your potential SEO professionals give respect to the guidelines quoted by the best-in-the-business or not? If the answer is in infirmity, request to elucidate. Do your homework by going through the webmaster guidelines to avoid being feed nonsense gibberish. And if the account manager shrugs at the mention of Google webmaster guidelines, then smile and leave.

Ask About Experience

Time a person spends in a trade is directly proportional to the knowledge he has. So, ask how long the company has been in the SEO business and what type of clients it has catered. If the number of years in operations is less than five, then probably it is time to study more options. If it is less than two years, then it is time to stop talking immediately unless you know the guys personally. The point is that you are going to pay big money to avail the services and if there are no visible results in the end, then isn’t it like a bad investment?

What SEO Techniques You Use?

A billion dollar question this is. There are two type of SEO practices; white hat and black hat. Black hat does damage in the long run. So, trust only white hat SEO for your operations. Ask Indian SEO Company, US or Germany, I am sure that to this point, everyone will agree. So, listen to the arguments only if they are pro white hat.
While these are few questions, research more to do your homework before coming in touch with an SEO company.

Best of Luck.

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